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From One's Ear to Another's:  An attempt for an exhibition itinerary based on the receiver

Catalogue Text: Translating Worlds, Depo İstanbul, November 2023

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Curatorial Text: "Beyond the Surface: Water"

Silvia Bener

Kale Design and Arts Center, May-June 2022

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Exhibition Text: Broken Octave

Ece Yalçın, Ayşegül Yapar, Sofia Abraham

İMÇ5533, November-December 2022

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The Potency of Mute Objects

Art Dog İstanbul, December 2020, Issue 6 Special English Edition

Thinking of identity and imagination inspired by Sadberk Hanım Musem

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A Breath of Desert Air: Sandstorm at Depo

ArtDog Istanbul, 13 November 2020

Co-authored by Matt Hanson & Rana Kelleci

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On Genius and Art Supporting NGO’s

NR Magazine, August 2017

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Museum in the Context of Cultural Representation

Unlimited, November-December 2017

Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town

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